We provide customised education to enhance capabilities of our recruits and your organisation.

Why work with Data Science Solutions?

  • We live and breathe data science, providing consulting services to national and multi-national clients in Australia.
  • We have extensive experience in recruitment and contracting, operating businesses in Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • We work collaboratively with companies and candidates to build long term and fruitful relationships.

On a daily basis your organisation collects data from a variety of sources, but are your teams taking full advantage of this data asset?

In consultation with you, we will identify capability gaps in your Data Science Solutions interns and contractors and then assist to fill their gaps through training and education.

Typically, our process consists of three phases:

1/ Gap Analysis

In close collaboration with key internal stakeholders, we identify gaps within your data science processes and human resources.

2/ Training Recommendations

Identify remedial actions, which may include but not be limited to internal workshops, one-on-one training sessions and executive strategy sessions.

3/ Program Implementation

Implement training recommendations and monitor the results of the training initiatives following completion.

To discuss your data science requirements contact Mark Alexander +61 (0) 410 691 047.

How can we help?

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